The Little Girl and Four Places

Year / 2019

Type / Picture Book

Details / Kitchen Paper on Paper

This story is inspired by my life experience. At the centre of an ocean is a beautiful island on which one happy family lives. One day, Grandma says to her little girl, “you must leave this island and embark on a journey so you can grow up.” She followed the fish; followed the waterweeds; followed the brightest star and reached four completely different places, where she tried to fit in, but failed and felt unhappy. Each of the four places in the story shows different parts of life—the hometown as a happy childhood, the construction town as study and competition, the bakery town as repetitive work putting people in a rut, the flower town as the care of children and parents, and finally the coastal town as old age and forgetting. Life is a long journey with ups and downs that sometimes change the way we are, yet we never forget our purest and happiest selves as children.

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All images copyright © Jieni Kao 2020

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